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I'm A.J. Juliani. As a father of four crazy kids, author, and a public school teacher (turned Director of Innovation) I'm sharing strategies, resources, interviews, rants, and practical ways to innovate right now. We look at all the innovative solutions you wish they taught you in grad school, and how to bring back creativity into our schools today (oh, and we definitely have fun while doing it!).

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Sep 8, 2017

DT Phase



Look and Learn

Visit #1: The Science Behind our Brains and What People Care About.

Team-Building Activity: Escape the Room

Objective: Identifying problems and who those problems impact.


Visit #2: Effective research and study design

How to Make Toast

Objective: A plan of action for researching ideas and defining/refining their audience needs.


Visit #3: Navigating Ideas from a Brainstormed List

Whiteboard Activity

Objective: Come with current data and analysis. Choose problem to work on and begin ideating (coming up with solutions)



Visit #4: Narrowing Solutions and Rapid Prototype

Rapid Prototyping Challenge

Objective: Finalize 1-2 solutions and come up with a plan for prototyping/creating solution.


Visit #5: How to Use Feedback to Improve Your Solution

Pitch Your Product

Objective: Pitch finalized prototype and develop plan for getting feedback for further iteration.


Visit #6: Product-Market Fit and Successfully Sharing Your Solution with the World

Objective: Plan for how to sell, pitch, and market your solution to the masses (your audience).